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Heritage Buildings

The United Kingdom is a country renowned worldwide for it’s rich history. Part of what makes the UK so special is it’s extensive catalogue of heritage buildings. A heritage building is a protected building or monument, which requires preservation due to historical, cultural, architectural, or ecological value.

Here at Stewart MAPS, we have recently relocated our offices to a grade II listed townhouse. Listed buildings fall into three grades, around 92% falling into grade II. Although there are various pros and cons to owning a listed building, we are proud to work from a building steeped in British history.

What Does Listing Mean?

Listed buildings are strictly controlled. There are rules regarding what changes can be made to the exterior of the building, as well as changing interior features. When you own a listed building, the law requires you to gain consent to make certain changes. Therefore, it is important to consider the responsibility involved in preserving historic value when purchasing a listed building.

You Can Still Make Changes

Although a listed building is controlled, it does not mean you cannot make any changes to your home. Any alterations or extensions must be authorised in writing by local authority. It is key to remember that each listed building is listed for a specific reason – all depending on the historical or cultural value of the building.

Consent is Key

Making unauthorised changes to a listed building is a criminal offence. Anyone who makes unauthorised changes is liable to receive a listed building enforcement notice. Not only does this mean liability for the cost of reversing any changes made but may also include unlimited fines and even a custodial sentence!

Here To Help

If you own, or are considering purchasing a listed building, we are here to guide you through the added legalities. We are able to put you in contact with the correct local authorities. If you do need listed building consent, we can also help shape your proposals to maximise the prospects for success when it comes to submitting the necessary applications.


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