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A New Era for Planning: Government Support and Technological Advancements

At Stewart Management and Planning Solutions, as proud members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), we are enthusiastic about the recent developments announced in the 2024 UK budget. This significant move by the government marks a turning point in the planning sector, signalling a renewed focus on innovation, efficiency, and the continuous development of professional planners.

Government Commitment: Fuelling the Future of Planning

Firstly, the government’s decision to provide £3 million in match funding for a scheme aimed at training planning officers is a commendable step. This not only reflects the government’s recognition of the recruitment challenges in our profession but also underscores its commitment to ensuring a steady flow of qualified individuals into the field. Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the RTPI, aptly noted the ongoing efforts of the RTPI in this direction. At Stewart Management and Planning Solutions, we echo this sentiment and are committed to contributing to this vibrant future.

Technological Leap: AI in Planning

Another groundbreaking announcement is the pilot of AI solutions aimed at reducing the time it takes for planning officers to process applications by 30%. This initiative, focused on harnessing technological innovation, can significantly enhance the efficiency of our planning systems. While we are excited about this development, we agree with the RTPI’s stance that technology should complement, not replace, the invaluable real-world expertise of town planners. As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on leveraging these tools to better meet local needs and improve our service delivery.

Consultation and Consideration: Balancing Speed and Quality

Furthermore, the government’s announcement of a consultation on the proposed design of a new accelerated planning service in England, along with measures to limit the use of extension of time agreements, is a notable development. At Stewart Management and Planning Solutions, we believe that while decision-making speed and efficiency are vital, they must be carefully balanced with the quality of outcomes for communities. As the RTPI rightly highlights, the impact of our work on the ground is just as crucial as the processes we employ.

Embracing Change with a Community Focus

In conclusion, these announcements reflect a positive shift towards a more efficient, technologically advanced, and well-supported planning sector. At Stewart Management and Planning Solutions, we are excited to be part of this journey, embracing innovation while maintaining our commitment to delivering quality outcomes that benefit our communities. The 2024 budget is not just a financial plan; it’s a blueprint for a brighter, more efficient future in planning, and we are ready to play our part in this exciting new chapter.



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