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What Is Biodiversity Net Gain?

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) marks a significant shift in how we approach development in the UK. It ensures that any new project leaves biodiversity in a better state than before. From April 2024, a minimum of 10% BNG becomes mandatory for most developments, setting a new benchmark for environmental responsibility.

Implementing BNG: The Essentials

The Mandatory Requirement

The Environment Act 2021 heralds a new era. It mandates BNG for most new developments, big or small, starting 12 February 2024 for larger projects and 2 April 2024 for smaller ones. This move underscores the UK’s commitment to preserving its natural habitats.

The Biodiversity Metric

A groundbreaking biodiversity metric quantifies habitat values pre– and post-development. This tool ensures a transparent, objective way to measure improvements, making BNG a tangible goal rather than a mere aspiration.

Habitat Creation and Enhancement

Developers have various avenues to achieve BNG. They can enhance on-site habitats, restore degraded areas, or contribute to off-site projects. This flexibility encourages innovative approaches to environmental stewardship.

Biodiversity Credits

When on-site provision is not feasible, developers can opt for biodiversity credits. Purchasing these credits from accredited bodies allows for meeting BNG obligations elsewhere, providing a pragmatic solution to complex challenges.

Navigating Challenges, Embracing Opportunities

Data and Monitoring

Robust data collection and long-term monitoring are pivotal. They ensure BNG’s effectiveness, guiding continuous improvement in our environmental strategies.


The success of BNG hinges on stringent enforcement. It’s vital to ensure that all parties comply with their obligations, safeguarding biodiversity gains.

Balancing Costs and Benefits

While BNG introduces additional costs, the long-term benefits for biodiversity and society far outweigh these investments. It’s about finding the right balance.

Innovation Awaits

BNG is not just a policy but a catalyst for innovation. It opens new possibilities in habitat creation, restoration, and management, promising a greener future.

Get in Touch

Biodiversity Net Gain is a transformative policy for the UK’s natural environment. It’s a complex journey, but the path it sets us on is clear. We’re moving towards a future where development and biodiversity thrive together. For more insights or queries, Stewart Management and Planning Solutions is here to guide you through the intricacies of BNG.


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