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Here at Stewart Management & Planning Solutions, we are proud members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). The RTPI was granted a Royal Charter in 1959. It is a professional regulatory body, which brings together planners from around the UK and Ireland and promotes policies for prosperous places, healthy communities, and a sustainable environment.

The RTPI also runs Planning Aid for London (PAL). PAL is a service that offers free environmental and urban planning advice within the Greater London area. For more information on PAL, please see our blog post from last month

What is CHANGE?

Alongside helping planners and communities to create and regulate spaces that are accessible to all, the RTPI focuses on tackling inequalities within the planning profession. A year ago, the RTPI launched CHANGE – a review highlighting racial and gender inequalities within the planning industry.

CHANGE has 6 key focus areas;

  1. A Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  2. RTPI Governance Structure
  3. RTPI Standards
  4. Education
  5. Leadership and Culture
  6. Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

For more information on CHANGE, we encourage you to read President of the RTPI, Sue Mann’s full speech here

Sue Mann’s full speech here

A 10-year Plan


The RTPI published its Corporate Strategy 2020-2030 in January 2020. One of the key focuses of this was ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity’ across the board. CHANGE has been developed to aid and promote equality and aims to ensure that the planning industry and members of the RTPI work together to tackle inequalities within the industry and promote equality in the built and natural environment.

Click here to view the RTPI’s CHANGE action plan

Focusing on the Future

The RTPI has hosted and promoted various events, to gain understanding of inequality within the profession. These include a roundtable event with the BAME Planners Network. Our support for these kinds of events lead to our Director, Ransford Stewart, being awarded The President’s Special Award for Planning Achievement 2020.

We are excited to work in partnership with the Royal Town Planning Institute to gain racial, gender, and social equality within the planning industry.


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