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The town planning support service, Planning Aid for London (PAL) launched a new online planning library. This library aims to help the public understand how and why their neighbourhoods are changing. Part of their overall initiative to provide free support on planning and development to those who cannot afford it. Furthermore, it aims to create awareness of how more people can get involved with local planning matters.

Who Can Use the Service?

The library is open to everybody with access to the internet with an interest in their local neighbourhoods’ development. It is a known fact the UK’s planning system can be confusing to say the least. However, it is a vital part of how decisions are made that will affect all our futures.  Whether your interest is invested in your business on the high street or maybe you want more play areas for children. Town planning is the core of the decision-making process that guides development.

What Can Planning Aid Do for Me?

If you live in London, you can benefit from an abundance of knowledge and articles brought together on the website. Guides and leaflets are available to break down everything you need to know about London’s planning system. From introductory topics to explain the basic structures of the system, to advanced resources which explain specific aspects of planning in detail. The resources also include training videos, list of organisations for community groups and much more!

 How Do I Use the Service?

If you are looking for information on London’s planning system visit the Planning Aid for London website. The information is categorised based on its type and theme. In addition, each resource has a description explaining what information it contains. This means you can either browse the library or use the search function by entering a keyword such as “planning permission”.


Visit their website

How Stewart Management and Planning Can Help

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the library, or perhaps just require more explanation call our team today! Stewart Management and Planning Solutions offer an initial consultation free of charge on all planning matters


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