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Planning Permission Watford

You may have seen the recent news article announcing that it was harder to get planning permission in Watford than most of the UK in 2021.  This is according to new data complied by the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government. With just over half of the 218 major and minor planning applications submitted to Watford Borough Council being approved. It is no secret the UK’s planning system is complicated, but it seems more so within this area.

Why are applications being refused?

There are many reasons your local authority may refuse your application. Mostly, it falls to the project not meeting complex requirements. Without experience and the right knowledge, it can be an arduous task to navigate around the red tape. However, employing an experienced town planner in the early stages of your project can negate the risk of refusal all together. The earlier you contact a planner the more time and money can be saved.

What Does a Town Planner Do?

A town planner can offer advice on your project at any stage, from preparing your application to appealing a decision. We can even assist with retrospective planning permission should you receive an enforcement notice. But as we said above, it is advisable to contact us as early in your project as possible. By providing expert guidance as early as project conception, we can help you avoid issues which risk your permission being refused. Therefore, saving you both time and money rectifying the project retrospectively.

Can I apply for Planning Permission on Land before Purchase?

Yes, we can help you apply for planning permission on land prior to purchasing it. However, you must inform all parties of your intentions prior to doing so. Such parties include:

  • Landowners in addition to any part owners
  • Leaseholders with 7 years lease remaining
  • Any agricultural Tenants

Need More Advice?

If you need help gaining planning permission in Watford, or with project management, call us today! We are award winning town planners operating across the Home Counties. Stewart Management and Planning Solutions is based in Hillingdon, and we offer a free initial consultation. Therefore, it costs nothing to find out how we can help.



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